Hansa Life-Size Cheetah Stuffed Plush Animal

Life Size Cheetah Stuffed Animal

Here it is folks. This Hansa Life Size Cheetah Stuffed Animal is the absolute top of the mark, cream of the crop best of the best stuffed cheetah available. It’s no surprise that it’s made by the expert artisans at the Hansa toy company and it doesn’t come with any of those silly “do not sit upon” warnings. In fact, this work of art is able to support up to 150 lbs! The coat is hand crafted for the a realistic yet soft and cuddly feel and appearance. This stunningly beautiful and cute cheetah could be a child’s favorite toy as easily as it could be the most interesting style piece at the office.

This work of art measures an amazing 4 feet in length and about 39 inches in height.

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Cuddlekins Large Cheetah Plush

Cuddlekins Large Stuffed Cheetah

This Cuddlekins Large Stuffed Cheetah is one big fellow. He can keep you warm and toasty when you are curled up in bed on a rainy day. He enjoys nature based documentaries but as long as there is cuddling going on he’ll watch anything.

This extremely high quality large stuffed cheetah is about 2.5 feet long.

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Mother Cheetah and Baby Cheetah

Mother and Baby Cheetah Plush

This Mother Cheetah and Baby Cheetah Plush is an adorable couple who will purr their way into your heart. They would make a perfect gift for big cat lovers who may have just welcomed a little one into the world though any occasion is made brighter by these two.

Appropriate for children over 24 months, this cute stuffed animal measures over 36 inches in height.

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Melissa & Doug Large Plush Cheetah

Melissa & Doug Large Plush Cheetah

What an amazing cheetah stuffed animal do we have here! The Melissa & Doug Large Plush Cheetah is one of the most stunning and realistic cheetahs available. Almost as amazing as the plush itself is the fact that the Melissa and Doug toy company has managed to offer him at such an affordable price. The beautiful fur can be brushed in different directions giving this gorgeous cheetah a bit of customizable flare.

He is just under 3 feet tall and would be a very special toy or a very beautiful display piece for cat lovers of any age … and just think, what will your real pet think?

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